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Analyst Engineers can save a company a tremendous amount of money and time.  With the exceptional advances in hardware and software simulation in the last decade, analysis engineers can predict, verify, and improve how products will perform under real-world conditions. 

Analysis Engineers are concerned with improving safety, comfort and durability of products.  They leverage CAE tools to simulate forces, air flow, heat, and fatigue on products.  Over the last ten years, analysis tools have evolved to automate and remove the complexity once associated with computer aided analysis.  It is now possible for Design Engineers to perform some of the basic engineering analysis that was previously only performed by high-end analyst.

To start the validation process, the analysis engineer is given access to CAD data that is supplied by the Design Engineer.  Given the data set, the goal is to apply real-world constraints and loading conditions to access the integrity and performance of the design. 

In many instances, CAE capabilities are supplied by third-party vendors which require native CAD data to be translated into the analysis solution.  Once translated, the analyst prepares the model for analysis defining the proper constraints and loading conditions to simulate real-world analysis.  If the CAD data changes during the analysis process, the analyst must restart the process. For this reason, it is typical to wait until the design has been finalized before analyst start work to validate the design.

It is important to leverage concurrent analysis and design allowing designers, engineers, and analyst to work in tandem early in the Product Development process to drive Product Development.  In this approach, working models are analyzed as early as possible to support product improvement and design optimization.

The majority of the Analysis Engineers work is completed during the Validation phase of Product Development.

To learn more about the various professions of a Analysis Enginer, you can click on each profession to access the O*NET Resource Center, the nation's primary source of occupational information. 

Mechanical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Civil Engineers






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